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Rapid spectroradiometer for LED production monitoring

18 February 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

The CAS 125 spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems has a CMOS sensor that is linked to a specially developed electronic readout circuit. This combination enables very low measurement times of 0.01 ms while also optimising long-term stability. The spectrograph design is based on the existing high-end CAS 140D device. This gives the CAS 125 a level of optical performance comparable to that of the CAS 140D in terms of both stray light suppression and optical throughput. The device-specific electronic readout circuit enables time-optimised control of the spectrometer through parameterisation of successive measurements in Recipe mode on the CAS 125. This eliminates the time-consuming step of communicating with the PC to initialise each subsequent stage of the measurement process. Spectral range is 200–1100 nm.

Another feature of the CAS 125 sensor is built-in temperature stabilisation. This results in dark current behaviour that is independent of the ambient conditions, enabling the CAS 125 to ensure optimum long-term stability even in environments where temperatures fluctuate. The flash trigger can also be parameterised, which helps users synchronise the spectrometer with other system components, for example by triggering a photodiode measurement.