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New optical emission spectrometer

12 April 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has expanded its metals analysis range with the OE720 optical emission spectrometer, which has the same performance as the OE750 but offers a price advantage for those who don’t need additional gas analysis capability. The OE720 covers the entire spectrum of elements in metal except for gases like oxygen and hydrogen. Hitachi OE series instruments use their LightWing optic design, coupled with CMOS detector technology. This combination achieves the wide wavelength range necessary to measure the entire range of elements within metals at ppm levels. LightWing optics also reduce argon and power consumption, thanks to their ultra-compact design, and have a fast start-up and measurement time. The OE720 is suitable for aluminium casting, as it can determine phosphorous to very low limits in near eutectic and hypereutectic aluminium–silicon alloys. It can analyse antimony, bismuth, lithium, strontium and sodium, and tramp and trace elements, ensuring these can be controlled within the aluminium melt for optimal structural modification. This aids high throughput production, where the quality of the melt needs to be verified at several points.

Intuitive SpArcfire operating software makes OES analysis quick and easy. The Hitachi GRADE Database, included in the OE720, offers more than 15 million records for over 340,000 materials from 74 countries and standards. Optional charge correction software automatically calculates the right quantity of material to add to a melt to bring it into spec. ExTOPE Connect wireless technology allows manufacturers to gather live data for real-time decision making even across multiple sites, lines and production stages.