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Rapid Methods Europe–RME 2022

 3 October 2022 to 5 October 2022
 [email protected]

RME2022 is the 14th conference in the Rapid Methods Europe series dedicated to innovations and breakthroughs in rapid analysis & diagnostics across the agri-food, water, animal health and healthcare sectors. The conference aims to further strengthen the academia-industry relations and disseminate advanced research toward practical applications. From concept to product, from analytical methods to systems, and from laboratory to on-site testing are the main themes of the conference.

There are up to 60+ invited speakers, representing a great line-up of scientists with a strong track record in their respective field of research. The scientific programme is under the control of the Advisory Committee. Conference topics include: pathogenic and spoilage bacteria; viruses; chemical contaminants; allergens; mycotoxins and plant toxins; GMOs; pesticide and veterinary drug residues; plant pests and diseases; waterborne organisms; substances of emerging concern; nanoparticles; food safety and quality; food integrity and fraud; miniaturised and on-the-spot analysis; AI and blockchain; and more.

RME2022 is aimed at a wide range of scientists, technologists, and professionals wishing to gain insight into innovations and breakthroughs in rapid analysis & diagnostics. Attending the conference is an invaluable opportunity for laboratory managers and technicians, food safety and quality assurance/quality control managers, technical managers, industrial and water treatment operators, veterinary diagnosticians, healthcare professionals, plant breeders, forensic scientists, and others interested in rapid analysis & diagnostics.