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New series of CCD cameras for OEMs

31 March 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

Teledyne Princeton Instruments has released LANSIS, a new spectroscopy detector designed specifically for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators. LANSIS is aimed at instruments using techniques including Raman, optical emission spectroscopy, fluorescence and photoluminescence. The camera can be used for a broad range of clinical and analytical equipment including in vivo imaging, life science research, cancer detection, pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, material science, failure analysis for microelectronics etc.

Some features specific to LANSIS include permanent vacuum seal technology, a back-illuminated CCD with optional exclusive eXcelon® technology, high average quantum efficiency from UV to NIR and a variety of mounting configurations makes integration of cameras fast and easy, along with a software development toolkit making software integration easy.

The LANSIS family includes a variety of CCD sensor sizes and technologies for spectroscopy and scientific imaging, including back-illuminated, deep-depletion, EMCCD and square-format sensors. Other sensor formats are available to accommodate the requirements of specific system integrators and OEMs.