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New, automated UV/visible spectrophotometers

29 January 2018

The Thermo Scientific Genesys 50 UV/vis spectrophotometer features a simplified user interface and a high-resolution, colour touchscreen; and the rugged exterior is designed with sloping surfaces to shed spills. It has a single cell configuration for low sample throughput needs, with a removable, washable sampling compartment for easy clean up. The Genesys 150 UV/Vis spectrophotometer includes the same features as the Genesys 50 spectrophotometer as well as providing automation for high-throughput options and room-light resistance, allowing lid-open operation designed for improved speed and convenience over previous generation instruments. The Genesys 180 has the capabilities of the Genesys 150 spectrophotometer and also includes an eight-cell changer for higher throughput environments and double-beam capability for advanced experiments with a changing reference. The Thermo Scientific BioMate 160 UV/vis spectrophotometer also includes all the benefits of the Genesys 150 spectrophotometer and adds pre-programmed methods for life science researchers. A new line of accessories, including automated cell changers, a Peltier thermostatted cell holder, a disposable microcell holder, a sipper and fibre optic probes, is designed to simplify sampling and accommodate high throughput and temperature control needs.

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