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February Meeting of the New York Section of SAS

 18 February 2021 to 18 February 2021
 Online  [email protected]

The meeting includes a talk by Prof. Karen Faulds of the University of Strathclyde on “Development of SERS and SECORRS for Multiplexed Bioanalysis”.

Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is an analytical technique with several advantages over competitive techniques in terms of improved sensitivity and multiplexing. We have made great progress in the development of SERS as a quantitative analytical method, in particular for the detection of DNA. However, the lack of quantitative data relating to real examples has prevented more widespread adoption of the technique. Detection of specific DNA sequences is central to modern molecular biology and also to molecular diagnostics where identification of a particular disease is based on nucleic acid identification. Many methods exist and fluorescence spectroscopy dominates the detection technologies employed with different assay formats. Another advantage of SERS over existing detection techniques is that of the ability to multiplex which is limited when using techniques such as fluorescence. We have clearly demonstrated the ability to identify and quantify the presence of a mixture of 3 pathogenic DNA sequences in solution using data analysis techniques.

Here we demonstrate the development of new bioanalytical assays based upon SERS which have been used successfully for the detection of bacterial pathogens using modified SERS active probes. Biomolecule functionalised nanoparticles have been designed to give a specific SERS response resulting in discernible differences in the SERS which can be correlated to the presence of specific pathogens. In this presentation the simultaneous detection and quantitation of 3 pathogens within a multiplex sample will be demonstrated. We have also recently published the use of nanoparticles functionalised with resonant Raman reporter molecule for the visualization of a 3D breast cancer tumour models using Spatially Offset Raman combined with SERRS (SESORRS).

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