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Up to a couple of days before I was due to fly to Chicago for Pittcon 2020, I was still unsure whether I would go or not. In the end, with no Government advice not to travel and the USA seeming to be no more affected by Covid-19 than the UK, I decided to go. For many others, the decision had been taken out of their hands by company or Government restrictions, or by their personal circumstances.

Photo of Travel Restrictions signDid this affect Pittcon? Of course it did. Some speakers weren’t able to give their presentations and some companies weren’t able to take up their allocated space in the exhibition. I think I will remember the “Absent due to Travel Restrictions” cards on those stands for a long time. Further, many of the larger instrumentation companies had chosen not to attend Pittcon 2020, but to concentrate on Analytica a month later. In the end, of course, Analytica has been postponed. Nevertheless, the exhibition was still popular, although less busy than normal. Generally, the companies I spoke to were pleased with the people they were talking to: a similar number as in previous years and those were of “high quality”.

The organisers did an excellent job in the circumstances. I think it is worth remembering that nearly all of those responsible for putting on Pittcon are unpaid volunteers. There is a small staff, but Pittcon would never happen without those volunteers from the US scientific community. They are all due our thanks.

Please note we do not include products that may have been new at Pittcon, but which we have already published information about.

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