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Global Future Farming Summit

6 November 2018

The agri- and horticultural sector are still changing rapidly. The world is asking to produce more food using fewer resources and to take into account the society and the environment. These are the challenges the sector is facing every day. The urgency for agri- and horticultural production systems to change is at an all-time high, but for the first time in decades, current technological innovations may allow the systems to take a leap in their performance output. New technologies such as blockchain but also data-driven processes, promise speed and efficiency and have a major impact on the sector and the distribution of power and knowledge between players in the agricultural ecosystem. Investment companies and large technology companies such as Microsoft see the growing business potential in agri- and horticulture. This requires you to stay ahead of the competition. This makes you wonder which technologies are leading and where you should put your money.

This programme is designed for (senior) management in the AgriFood industry. This includes CEO’s, directors, managers and business developers. The summit will host a maximum of 200 persons. The experience tour will host a maximum of 60 persons and can only be booked in combination with the summit. The programme is held in English and participants are expected to have full English proficiency.