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UV and Visible Spectroscopy

Dynamic sampling accessories

20 August 2015

Ocean Optics has introduced a line of accessories for dynamic sampling (averaging signal across the sample). The accessories are a diffuse reflectance (DR) probe, rotating sample cup, multiplexer and flow cell. The DR Probe integrates a light source and collection optics to measure 45° diffuse reflectance. The DynaCup is a rotating device that presents samples to the DR Probe. To save sample measurement times and streamline sample processing, the multiplexer is a mechanical actuator that distributes light through 10 customisable channels from a single light source.

Process analysis probe certified for 3-A

20 August 2015

Hellma Analytics’ new UV/Vis/NIR optical immersion probe has been designed to meet the requirements for 3-A certification (a standard in the USA that defines hygiene criteria for technical equipment). This certification guarantees that all surfaces that come into contact with products are very easy to clean (CIP) and sterilise (SIP) according to 3-A standards. This makes it much easier for planners, production managers and process managers to integrate optical analysis components when designing or retrofitting plants.

Lab spectral imaging camera for vis/VNIR

20 August 2015

Inno-Spec are introducing the OrangeEye Lab, a laboratory spectral imaging camera for the visible and very near infrared regions, with a spectral range of 500–950 nm. It is based on a pushbroom imager with an internal scanning unit to acquire complete hyperspectral data cubes. It has integrated broadband LED illumination optimised for the spectral range. The camera is small and light weight and can be adapted to standard microscopes via a c-mount camera adaptor.


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