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LECO Unveils the New Pegasus® BT 4D

LECO Corporation has released the Pegasus BT 4D, which offers enhanced sensitivity by coupling the benchtop Pegasus BT TOF mass spectrometer with the GCxGC thermal modulation system. Software and hardware features simplify quantitation, while also making GCxGC easy to use and understand. The StayClean® ion source eliminates the need for source cleaning, while a convenient benchtop package saves valuable space in the laboratory.

GCxGC-TOFMS with improved sensitivity and dynamic range

LECO has introduced the Pegasus GC-HRT+ 4D with a number of new features. Updated, modernised hardware meets or exceeds global compliancy regulations, while Encoded Frequent Pushing™ (EFP™) provides increases in both sensitivity and dynamic range by factors of ten. This pulses the Orthogonal Accelerator multiple times per spectrum to increase the duty cycle.

timsTOF Pro can use separation device for high-throughput clinical proteomics

Bruker’s timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer for high sensitivity proteomics can now be integrated with the Evosep ONE separation device for high-throughput clinical proteomics. The Evosep One is a novel chromatography system for large cohort proteomics, optimised for >200 samples/day and >90% MS utilisation. Its LC peak widths of ~2 s for ~5-min gradients have been combined with the PASEF method on the timsTOF Pro with MS/MS rates >150 Hz. This novel combination delivers sensitivity (50 ng HeLa) and throughput for LFQ of ~1200 proteins in ~5 min.

AXIMA MegaTOF for Ultra High-Mass Applications

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has partnered with CovalX to offer the AXIMA MegaTOF, an integrated MALDI solution for ultra high-mass applications, including protein complex characterisation, therapeutic protein aggregates, antibody–antigen interactions, polymer analysis and high mass bioimaging.

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