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FT-NIR Spectrometer

Miniature FT-NIR spectrometer

SouthNest Technology were showing their nanoFTIR miniature FT-NIR spectrometer. This has a wavelength range of 1000–2600 nm and a resolution of 6 nm. It weighs 220 g and has dimensions of 143 × 49 × 28 mm. It has a SMA 905 fibre optic connection and interfaces with a PC via a USB connection.

New FT-NIR spectrometer

Bruker’s new MPA II is the next generation of the MPA Multi Purpose Analyser, an FT-NIR spectrometer for quantitative pharmaceutical QC. The MPA II has a range of sample options in addition to the standard sample compartment: integrating sphere, fibre optic probes and an external transmission unit.


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