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Electron spin resonance

Edible oil oxidation profile by ESR

Bruker’s new, fast edible oil solution by microESR measures the oxidation profile of edible oils, and provides a prediction of shelf life before the product is packaged and distributed. The Edible Oil solution includes SOPs for sample preparation and analysis, and provides fast results for timely, informed process control decisions to reduce rancidity of edible oils.

Beer flavour by ESR

Bruker introduced an updated beer freshness solution, which is the result of a collaboration between Bruker and FlavorActiv. It can measure how process design and operations can improve or deteriorate beer freshness throughout the production cycle. This allows brewers to optimise their production processes and take corrective action earlier, ensuring freshness and product stability. The beer freshness solution is available on Bruker’s benchtop microESR, supported by applications training, customised reagents, GMP flavour standards and support.


microESR is a portable, research-grade ESR spectrometer. It weighs 10 kg and measures 30.t × 30.5 × 30.5 cm3, so can fit in a fume hood or glove box, as well as being used in the field. It requires no special installation or regular maintenance. It will also be of use in undergraduate teaching labs.

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