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Chemical imaging

Laser ablation ICP atomic emission spectrometry: a new tool for imaging of pharmaceutical tablets

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Imaging of organic and inorganic constituents of tablets represents a considerable challenge and no single spectroscopic approach can provide definitive characterisation of all components and/or satisfy key measurement criteria such as sensitivity, specificity, resolution and speed of analysis. Laser ablation in combination with ICP emission spectrometry represents a powerful new tool for imaging elemental distribution in pharmaceutical tablets.

Near infrared spectroscopy: the practical chemical imaging solution

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Chemical imaging spectroscopy is an exciting new analytical advance that answers commonly asked questions such as what chemical species are in a sample, how much of each is present, and most importantly, where are they located? Through the fusion of traditional infrared spectroscopy with powerful microscopic and macroscopic imaging capabilities, chemical imaging spectroscopy answers all these questions simultaneously, in a single rapid measurement.

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