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Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)


Analytik Jena has introduced the PQ LC HPLC module for its PlasmaQuant MS ICP-MS system.

Enhanced ICP-MS triple quadrupole technology

The Thermo Scientific iCAP TQs ICP-MS system has been enhanced with improved data quality and performance through a combination of cold plasma operation and triple quadrupole interference removal. The system requires minimal user maintenance and includes a fully inert sample introduction system, a dry pump for clean room environments and a dedicated gas distribution unit for lab safety and maximum flexibility.

Collision/reaction cell, multi-collector ICP mass spectrometer

Nu Instruments has released Sapphire, a collision/reaction cell, multi-collector inductively coupled mass spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS). The instrument has a high-energy path that enables it to be used as a traditional multi-collector ICP-MS with no compromise in performance, as well as a low-energy path in which the ion beam is directed through a hexapole collision cell for the removal of the ICP-induced molecular species that interfere directly with the atomic ions of the same nominal mass of some non-traditional isotopes.


Easy-to-use system developed to support ultralow detection limits, and has improved interference removal capabilities. Users can switch between single and triple quadrupole modes within a single multi-element experiment. The instrument requires minimal user maintenance and includes QCell flatapole technology, a small volume collision/reaction cell with flatapole rods, and a dedicated gas distribution unit.


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