Informing Spectroscopists for Over 40 Years

Towards Reaching a Consensus on Using Quantitative LC-MS/MS Proteomics in Translational DMPK/PD

27 September 2018 to 28 September 2018
Cambridge, MA
United States

This workshop aims to provide fundamental knowledge on current proteomic-based quantification workflows, starting from tissue processing and sample preparation to the analysis of generated data, in order to reach a consensus on best practices in proteomics as well as application of such data in scaling and modeling exercises.

This course is designed for biologists and pharmaceutical scientists interested in quantitative proteomics; modelers and clinicians interested in quantitative pharmacokinetic and disease modeling; senior scientists interested in appropriate approaches for setting up or expanding analytical laboratories; regulatory professionals interested in assessing the validity of proteomic measurements and relevant applications; and students and junior researchers aiming to build and expand their knowledge on proteomics and its applications in DMPK.