Informing Spectroscopists for Over 40 Years

Advanced Multivariate Analysis

9 October 2018 to 10 October 2018
United States

For many years now, Multivariate Analysis (MVA) has been used by spectroscopists, analytical chemists, process engineers and sensory scientists to find important relationships in complex data tables. Methods such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) have been used for data mining and exploratory data analysis purposes, while methods such as Partial Least Squares (PLS) have been used for predicting difficult to measure properties of products ranging from pharmaceuticals, petrochemical and agricultural comodities.

CAMO Software has been providing world recognized training courses in MVA for many years and this course on Advanced Multivariate Analysis builds on concepts introduced in other courses currently offered.

The course is a balance of spectroscopic and non-spectroscopic data and also touches on the concept of Data Fusion, an important area of MVA where multiple data sources can be aligned and advanced models developed.

All course material will be supplemented with hands on practical exercises that highlight the use of each method discussed in a practical manner.

Who should participate in this program?

It is targeted towards those practitioners who have a fundamental understanding of PCA and PLS and a basic understanding of preprocessing, who need a more in depth knowledge of the models they develop on a regular basis.