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Hellma Analytics’ new UV/Vis/NIR optical immersion probe has been designed to meet the requirements for 3-A certification.

Tornado Spectral Systems has released the HyperFlux P.R.O. Plus process Raman analyser

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Applied Instrument Technologies’ Analect RefinIR is an integrated laboratory autosampler and FT-IR instrument designed to measure liquid hydrocarbons in a single autosampler.

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Further introduction to the Theory of Sampling by Kim Esbensen and Claas Wagner

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Online process NIR system comes in multi-parameter and multi-point systems. Remote supervision by internet or intranet is possible and maximum and minimum alarm levels can be set.

Online Raman system weighing about 12 lbs, which is easy to install even while the process is running since it operates through a sight glass. Software supports real time, in-process quality decisions presented in terms suitable for line operators. Observations, analyses and decisions are retained in accordance with industry standards for quality and regulatory compliance.

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Guided Wave has released the ClearView db, a commercially available dual beam photometric process analyser. Incorporating the dual-beam technology from their full spectrum analysers, the company offer an inexpensive, on-line analyser that is simple to operate and easy to maintain while delivery good results. It is suitable for making continuous chemical composition or colour measurements in stable process streams. The simple design can be configured with up to six analytical wavelengths over a wide spectral range of operation (from 400 nm to 2150 nm) and with one or two channels, with no moving optical components. In addition to the general purpose unit, there are two other enclosure options available as well as an optional turbidity port.

ProFoss from Foss NIRSystems is now available with the Vision software for pharmaceutical and chemical process applications. It provides non-destructive analysis of pharmaceutical and chemical products directly in the process line without bypass.

Anaerobic digestion is a good solution to the joint problems of dealing with organic waste and producing “clean” energy. However, running the digesters at optimum performace is a complex business. NIR spectroscopy offers a solution to monitor a number of analytes within the reactor and in real time.

Axiom Analytical has announced the availability of its FDR-755 Extruder Access optical diffuse reflectance probes. Until now, the application of NIR to extrusion processes has been limited by the difficulty of gaining access to the material within an extruder. The new probe has been designed so that can be mounted in any of the ½-20 UNF pressure transducer fittings that are available on most polymer extruders. By using diffuse reflectance, the design has reduced the required penetration in the melt. It is, therefore, compatible with any size extruder and can be quickly attached without requiring modification to existing equipment. This makes it practical to use NIR spectroscopy for short-term analysis and troubleshooting as well as for continuous long-term polymer process monitoring.

Foss NIRSystems is offering a new 12 mm BioProcess probe optimised for real-time in situ monitoring of mammalian cell culture growth media in bioreactors. With a variable pathlength that can be optimised for culture media, this novel design is autoclavable or sterilisable-in-place. The small diameter probe is designed for use in standard instrument ports in benchtop biorectors and can be adapted for scale up to pilot plant and manufacturing reactors. Real-time analysis of nutrients and metabolites will lead to optimised cell culture performance, increased cell viability and bioprocess understanding. Up to nine probes can be multiplexed to one Foss XDS Process Analytics NIR analyser, which can track key low concentration analytes in the culture growth media, enabling optimisation of the fermentation. Feedback control is available through OPC or digital protocols.

Kaiser has announced the release of the RamanRXN 1000 Raman analyser which provides the fluorescence rejection of a FT-Raman spectrometer but with the ease of fibre-optic interfacing of a dispersive Raman analyser. While 785nm excitation remains the most universal wavelength range for petrochemical and pharmaceutical Raman applications, some applications such as early stage “dirty” crystallisation, biofuels, polyurethanes, heavy hydrocarbons and some colourants/pigments exhibit fluorescence too intense to allow the application to be addressed with 785 nm excitations. The RamanRXN 1000 provides an effective route for in situ monitoring of these applications, filling a niche where fluorescence cannot be overcome using 785 nm excitation. Raman measurements can be made on-line allowing users the potential to develop process control methodologies rather than end-product testing. The analyser is offered with either iC Raman 4.1 for reaction development and understanding or synTQ-Lite for process monitoring and control where compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 and interface to data historians are required.

Kaiser Optical Systems Inc
Issue: 22-06
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Axiom Analytical has introduced its fibre-optic coupled FDR-825 diffuse reflectance probe. Operating in the NIR and visible spectral regions, the new probe has been designed to yield high performance for the analysis of powders, slurries and other diffusely reflecting materials. A unique feature of the probe is the provision of a set of orifices around the circumference of the probe window, positioned to allow efficient flushing of the window by a solvent or dry vapour stream.

Axiom Analytical Inc
Issue: 22-06
RSN: 115

Hamamatsu’s C11118GA is a NIR miniature spectrometer for process measurements. Optimised for CH combinational measurements such as asphaltene, cellulose and carbonates, the C11118GA simultaneously measures from 900 nm to 2550 nm. Integration times of 6 μs measure all wavelengths simultaneously, preventing data blur from rapidly changing samples. Integration times range from 6 μs to 40,000 μs (typical). The C11118GA’s doubled slit area and new diffraction grating maximise signal. The input slit is 140 μm by 250 μm (0.22 NA). A proprietary master transmission grating provides higher performance from 2000 nm to 2550 nm.

Applied Analytics has experienced double digit growth in 2009, with success in key markets such as Brazil, the US, Japan and the Persian Gulf. 

New PSS spectrometers and accessories for in-field operation have been announced by Polytec. The new PSS 1721 and PSS 2121 spectrometers come in a 19″ half rack and have been designed for mobile vehicle applications.

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A new 3/4 inch vis/NIR reflection probe from getspec, with internal standard and integrated redundant light sources, has been designed especially for rough process conditions, aiming to achieve high levels of long-term stability and reliability.

The new Tandem II from Bruker Optics is a fully automatic tablet testing system for on-line pharmaceutical process monitoring solutions, combining FT-NIR spectroscopy for tablet content uniformity and physical tablet tests of weight, thickness, diameter and hardness.

The getProbe 3302 SET from getSpec is a new integrated sphere with an integrated halogen light source in the sphere.