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The WADI project is using hyperspectral, multispectral and thermographic infrared imaging to detect soil moisture and those leaks from water mains in rural areas.

Quantum mechanics dictates how particles and forces interact, and thus how atoms and molecules work, for example, what happens when a molecule goes from a higher-energy state to a lower-energy one. But beyond the simplest molecules, the details become very complex. Now, a Pixel-Imaging Mass Spectrometry camera and a femtosecond vacuum ultraviolet light source are showing how does quantum mechanics work in larger, more complex systems.

The 2017 Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award has been given to Professor Pawliszyn.

On 15 March Ghent University officially launches a prestigious research project on precision agriculture, led by Abdul Mouazen.

Menlo Systems’ TERA Image system extension for terahertz (THz) imaging has now been upgraded with the inclusion of EPINA’s ImageLab software for hyperspectral imaging.

Princeton Instruments has appointed ROSH Electroptics as their exclusive sales representative in Israel.

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Headwall introduces the Hyperspec Chlorphyll Fluorescence sensor which collects data from 670 nm to 780nm

Miniaturised spectral sensing system on a chip

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We all know how spectroscopy and other analytical technologies have played important roles in detecting fraud and in authentication. Paper collages, or photomontages, are part of the art market that is seeing much interest amongst collectors. It is difficult to detect forgeries just through expertise. The use of NIR imaging offers a number of ways to identify forgeries or authenticate the collage non-destructively; from determining the glue used to the revealing of printing on the back of the pieces or paper, which often have been taken from books and magazines.

By measuring the height profile of the sample prior to analysis, mass spectrometry imaging can now visualise the distribution of chemical substances on samples with non-flat surfaces.

Report on this meeting organised annually by the German microscope manufacturer, WITec, for researchers and specialists from widely ranging fields to share ideas and hear about the latest developments in Raman microscopy.

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Researcher from the Graphene Flagship have developed a novel graphene-based infrared (IR) detector demonstrating record high sensitivity for thermal detection. Graphene’s unique attributes pave the way for high-performance IR imaging and spectroscopy.

This article demonstrates the capability of the near-field method to probe polymer microspheres within a protein matrix, and we present the first IRSR photothermal near-field Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrum from within an individual biological cell, which establishes the feasibility of hyperspectral mapping at sub-micrometre resolution in a practical timescale.

Pixelteq’s SpectroCam VIS-SWIR 640 multispectral imaging camera is suitable for imaging in tissue and biological material.

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The HySpex Mjolnir-1024 from Norsk Elektro Optik is a hyperspectral camera for UAV applications.

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Returning to our cultural heritage theme, Bianca Jackson tells us about “TISCH—Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy in Cultural Heritage: applications in archaeology, architecture and art conservation science”. Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging of Paleolithic cave etchings, 14th century paintings in a church and a mid-20th century Italian painting are all described. This helps demonstrate the versatility of the technique as well as its potential in cultural heritage preservation.

Diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging (DOSI) using near infrared radiation can determine fat metabolism and has the potential to help determine if a diet and exercise regime is working.

Remote simultaneous 3D and spectral imaging will provide direct identification of surface rust and corrosion on structures including bridges and pylons.

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This Product Focus is on Imaging Spectroscopy

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Andor Technology has introduced the iStar sCMOS platform as an addition to the iStar family

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