Pittcon 2010

pittcon-2010Spectroscopy Europe is recording a series of video interviews and reporting on the latest developments at Pittcon. These will be published here each day during the event. Please check back to see the latest, or follow pittcon2010 on Twitter.

If you're attending Pittcon, come and see us on booth 3821.


Jim Malone of PAIR Technologies

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John Chalmers talking to Fred LaPlant

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Rich Bormett gives an update on Renishaw's products

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Bob Sirpack of Specac describes their latest products

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Benchtop standardless analysis for XRF

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PANalytical has extended the compatibility of its Omnian standardless analysis software to include the benchtop MiniPal 4 XRF spectrometer. This combination provides quantification of unknowns in situations where certified standards are not available. Omnian provides elemental analysis of all materials no matter how they have been prepared. Typical applications include rapid screening, comparative analysis and R&D investigations.


CubiX3 industrial X-ray diffractometers

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PANalytical has launched CubiX3, the 3rd generation of its CubiX X-ray powder diffractometers range. The CubiX3 introduces new features such as high-intensity data collection as well as extra flexibility in sample handling for automated environments. XRD has already reached significant importance as a process and production control method for powdered materials in many industries. The Walk-Up software available for CubiX3 enables a user with no knowledge of XRD to enter urgent samples at any time, even if the diffractometer is already processing a routine batch; and automatically receive a report of results with no user input to the analysis.


Eagon 2 automated fused bead preparation

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The Eagon 2 system from PANalytical brings the advantages of a high performance, fully automated fusion instrument for fused bead sample preparation to all users of XRF spectrometry. The patent-pending design combines all the advantages of gas burner and muffle furnace technology in a system that does not require gas supplies, cooling water or compressed air; just a simple electrical connection. Preparation conditions are optimised for all sample materials, and a pre-defined method library is provided. A “cold-to-cold” operation cycle protects users from hot materials and surfaces at all times. In addition, the instrument’s outer doors are safety interlocked throughout the fusion cycle to shield operators from moving parts.


Empyrean XRD provides 3D analysis

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PANalytical has launched the Empyrean high-performance diffractometer which includes a 3D detection system, PIXcel3D. It can measure all sample types—from powders to thin films, from nanomaterials to 3D objects—on a single instrument. The new 3D capabilities enables the internal structure of solid objects to be studied without having to be cut. The PIXcel3D detector can be used as a CT scanner allowing non-destructive analysis of pharmaceutical formulations (tablets, capsules), electronic components (batteries, ICs, capacitors) and geo- and archaeological samples, to name a few.


Transportable high-performance GC/MS

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Agilent Technologies have introduced the 5975T Low Thermal Mass (LTM) gas chromatography/mass spectrometry detector (GC/MSD), that provides laboratory-quality analysis. The proprietary LTM technology has enabled the 5975T LTM to be smaller, more rugged and to consume less power than in-lab GC/MS instruments, yet capable of the same performance in the field. The LTM technology eliminates the conventional GC oven by wrapping the GC column(s) with a heating element and temperature sensor. This provides rapid heating and cooling of the column for higher throughput.


6150B single quadrupole LC/MS

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Agilent Technologies have introduced the Agilent 6150B Series single quadrupole LC/MS, a new generation of their workhorse instrument. The 6150B Series LC/MS is well-matched to the latest fast chromatography systems, able to scan at 10,000 amu per second, while maintaining data quality. It is equipped with Agilent Jet Stream Technology, a sample inlet design that uses super-heated sheath gas to focus the ion stream entering the mass spec. The benefit is enhanced sensitivity from a stronger signal with lower relative standard deviation at the limit of detection.


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