NIR-2009 Conference

There was an extensive programme of oral and poster presentations. Four keynote presentations were given on the history of NIR by pioneers of the technique. We have recorded these and wish to express our gratitude to the organisers and to the lecturers for giving their permission.

In addition, two awards were presented on the Wednesday morning. The Tomas Hirschfeld Award, sponsored by Büchi, was presented to Sumio Kawano (National Food Research Institute, Japan) and the Büchi Young Researcher Award to Monica Casale (University of Genova, Italy). Both Sumio and Monica gave award presentations and we have been able to record these as well. Our thanks to the awardees for their permission to do so.

Conference close: Pierre Dardenne

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The conference was formally closed by Pierre Dardenne (CRA-W, Gembloux, Belgium), the new Chairman of ICNIRS, who also made some comments on the need for consistent and thorough reporting of information on the analytical and statistical parameters in any report on NIR work.


Conference Wrap-Up: Ian Murray

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The conference closed on the Friday with a round-up of the sessions and presentations of particular interest by Ian Murray, formerly of the Scottish Agricultural College, Aberdeen.


Büchi Award

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The Büchi Award was made to M. Casale, P. Oliveri, N. Sinelli and M. Forina. Monica Casale presented their work on "Alternative Common Basis for Wavelet Compression of NIR Spectra and Their Application to Food Samples".


Tomas Hirschfeld Award

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The Tomas Hirschfeld Award Ceremony was chaired by Peter Flinn (Chairman ICNIRS) and Jochen Knecht (of the award sponsors, Büchi). The Tomas Hirschfeld Award was presented to Sumio Kawano (National Food Research Institute, Japan) who spoke on "How to Get Beautiful NIR Spectra?".


NIR History: Woody Barton

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F.E. "Woody" Barton, II (LightLight Solutions, USA) spoke on "NIRS Instrumentation—The History and Lessons Learned".


NIR History: Karoly Kaffka

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Karoly Kaffka (Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary) spoke on "Progress in Processing and Evaluation of Spectral Data".


NIR History: Phil Williams

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Phil Williams (PDK Projects, and formerly Canadian Grain Commission) spoke on "How to Set Up an NIRS Networking System for Agricultural Products".


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