• IMSC ( 29 Articles )

    imscThe 18th International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC 2009) takes place in Bremen, Germany, between 30 August and 4 September. We are pleased to bring you regular updates from the conference and exhibition.

    Keep checking here for the latest news!

    Our guest video blogger is Giles Edwards. Giles describes himself as a mass spectrometer enthusiast. As well as his job at Waters as a Technical Support Specialist, he runs a charity (Recycling Organisation for Research Opportunities) that collects redundant analytical instrumentation, repairs it and then gives it to academic institutions that do not possess sophisticated analytical instrumentation.

  • NIR-2009 Conference ( 7 Articles )

    There was an extensive programme of oral and poster presentations. Four keynote presentations were given on the history of NIR by pioneers of the technique. We have recorded these and wish to express our gratitude to the organisers and to the lecturers for giving their permission.

    In addition, two awards were presented on the Wednesday morning. The Tomas Hirschfeld Award, sponsored by Büchi, was presented to Sumio Kawano (National Food Research Institute, Japan) and the Büchi Young Researcher Award to Monica Casale (University of Genova, Italy). Both Sumio and Monica gave award presentations and we have been able to record these as well. Our thanks to the awardees for their permission to do so.

  • NIR-2009 Exhibition ( 13 Articles )

    26 stands were taken and the exhibitors supported the conference. We took the opportunity to talk to most of them.

    Asia has embraced the practical application of NIR. It is used it in fruit packing lines, to monitor the optimum time to pick fruit and in supermarkets to allow shoppers to determine the quality of high-value fruits. The Saika company were demonstrating a fruit sorting machine that was actually working in one corner of the exhibition. It was analysing mangosteens and mangoes for sweetness and for internal disorders: insect infestations and other damage. The development of the machine was jointly funded by the Japanese government, since previously all mangosteens imported into Japan first had to be cut in half to check for damage and then rejoined with tape! NIR provides a non-destructive alternative. Professor Graeme Batten of Sea Spec in Australia and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy kindly took me through the basics of the machine and we were able to see it correctly sorting mangosteens.

  • NIR-2009 Social ( 3 Articles )
    An extensive and exciting social programme was organised, starting on the Sunday evening, continuing with the Büchi evening on Tuesday, tours and the Bruker evening on Wednesday and the conference dinner on Thursday.
  • NIR-2009 ( 1 Article )
  • Pittcon 2010 ( 57 Articles )
    pittcon-2010Spectroscopy Europe is recording a series of video interviews and reporting on the latest developments at Pittcon. These will be published here each day during the event. Please check back to see the latest, or follow pittcon2010 on Twitter.

    If you're attending Pittcon, come and see us on booth 3821.

  • Analytica 2010 ( 9 Articles )
    analytica-logoSpectroscopy Europe is recording a series of video interviews and reporting on the latest developments at Analytica. Please check back to see the latest, or follow analytica2010 on Twitter.

    If you're attending Analytica, please come and see us on Booth 308, Hall A2.

  • ASMS 2010 ( 13 Articles )


    Salt Palace — Photo Credit: Steve Greenwood
    Salt Palace — Photo Credit: Steve Greenwood
    The latest production introductions and news from the 58th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, being held in Salt Lake City, UT, USA between 23 and 27 May 2010.







  • Pittcon 2011 ( 20 Articles )

    pittcon-logoOnce again, Spectroscopy Europe brings you a video blog from Pittcon. We have talked to a wide range of exhibitors, and you can see the results below. If you've never been to Pittcon, you can get an idea of the exhibition by viewing the first item, filmed from Pittcon’s very own transportation system!


  • The Red Pen ( 1 Article )
    Some thoughts for companies on dealing with publications in general and Spectroscopy Europe and Spectroscopy Asia in particular.
  • Pittcon 2014 ( 1 Article )

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