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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments have released the MALDI-8020 benchtop MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH

The new Thermo Scientific TSQ 9000 triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS system and Thermo Scientific ISQ 7000 single quadrupole GC-MS system offer maximum uptime, ease-of-use and sensitivity to meet increasi

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Bruker’s timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer for high sensitivity proteomics can now be integrated with the Evosep ONE separation device for high-throughput clinical proteomics.


Bruker have introduced a new workflow for phenomics research and validation, where MS is complementary to NMR, using flow injection analysis-magnetic resonance mass spectrometry (FIA-MRMS).


Bruker’s mass spectrometry BioPharma Compass 3.0 solution now includes clone selection and MALDI release identity testing to enhance biopharmaceutical characterisation.


Bruker’s established IVDr-by-NMR solution for phenomics research is now also being offered for biobanking applications to assess sample quality with rigorous SOPs.


Bruker’s new, fast edible oil solution by microESR measures the oxidation profile of edible oils, and provides a prediction of shelf life before the product is packaged and distributed.


Bruker introduced an updated beer freshness solution, which is the result of a collaboration between Bruker and FlavorActiv.


Rigaku Analytical Devices’ new Progeny ResQ FLX analyser is specifically designed for narcotics identification.

Rigaku Analytical Devices

SouthNest Technology were showing their nanoFTIR miniature FT-NIR spectrometer. This has a wavelength range of 1000–2600 nm and a resolution of 6 nm.

SouthNest Technology

The Jackfish SEC is a spectroelectrochemical cell that enables studies of the electrified metal–solution interface as well as in other applications.

PIKE Technologies

Pike Technologies has introduced the AutoATR, and automated ATR accessory that uses a microtiter plate platform and a new ATR crystal design to enable 24 unique measurements to be made in one run.

PIKE Technologies

Neolitics’ Optical Analyser is an NIR process spectrometer using Texas Instruments’ DLP chip. Individual instruments can be tuned to make them identical.


A new cloud-based application for Thermo Scientific FT-IR instruments enables customers to store, share and interpret spectral data across distributed environments and on multiple devices.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Bruker’s new MPA II is the next generation of the MPA Multi Purpose Analyser, an FT-NIR spectrometer for quantitative pharmaceutical QC.


The Toucan is a cooled CCD camera for OEM use. It is available with a choice of spectroscopy sensors, FI, BI-DD, BI and OE. It has TE cooling down to –40 °C and a USB 2.0 interface.

Raptor Photonics

Spectrolight believe that their TwinFilm technology to filter light according to wavelength will have a big impact on spectral imaging.


The Thermo Scientific iCAP TQs ICP-MS system has been enhanced with improved data quality and performance through a combination of cold plasma operation and triple quadrupole interference removal.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Spectro Analytical Instruments has announced a major upgrade to its SpectroTest arc/spark mobile metal analyser for applications in the metal producing, processing and recycling industries.

Spectro Analytical Instruments

Ambient sample introduction for Advion’s expression compact mass spectrometer.