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New Products

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FOSS’ FoodScan 2 is a new generation near infrared analyser, 50 % faster than the previous model and with new analytical and software capabilities.


PicoQuant’s first smart picosecond laser driver offers flexible control for a range of applications.

PicoQuant GmbH

B&W Tek has introduced the QTRam for non-destructive and real-time pharmaceutical content and blend uniformity measurement.

B&W Tek

Cryostat enables temperature-controlled measurement of photoluminescence.

Edinburgh Instruments Ltd

RedShift BioAnalytics’ AQS3™pro is a protein characterisation platform based on mid-infrared laser spectroscopy with microfluidics and advanced signal processing.

RedShift BioAnalytics, Inc.

Ibsen Photonics has introduced the Eagle OCT-S spectrometer platform for OEM supply to manufacturers of analytical instruments.

Ibsen Photonics A/S

SimPhospho, an open source tool for accurate simulation of phosphopeptide tandem mass spectra, has been introduced and is available to download.

Jenway’s new 7415 Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer replaces the Genova Nano and has additional connectivity.


Shimadzu has released the new UV-1900 UV-Vis spectrophotometer, which has an ultrafast scan function that enables data acquisition of 29,000 nm min–1.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH

New security, productivity and industrial control modules are included included in the latest version of Tornado’s Raman software.

Tornado Spectral Systems

The ElvaX ProSpector 3 from Elvatech is the next generation of their hand-held XRF spectrometer series.

Elvatech Ltd.

Malvern Panalytical has introduced Epsilon 4, a benchtop XRF spectrometer developed from the Epsilon 3 series.

Malvern Panalytical B.V.

The EDX-8100 energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometer incorporates a revamped semiconductor detector (SDD) with a special ultra-thin-film window material.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH

The WaveGo from Wave Illumination offers simple yet accurate measurement for the characterisation of light sources.

Wave Illumination

The latest spectrometer from Ocean Optics uses a novel optical bench design and high-performance components to provide high throughput, low stray light and excellent thermal stability.

Ocean Optics

Malvern Panalytical have introduced a new version of their Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS®) system, the Morphologi 4-ID.

Malvern Panalytical B.V.

LECO Corporation has released the Pegasus BT 4D, which offers enhanced sensitivity by coupling the benchtop Pegasus BT TOF mass spectrometer with the GCxGC thermal modulation system.

LECO Corporation

LECO has introduced the Pegasus GC-HRT+ 4D with a number of new features.

LECO Corporation

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the Nexera Mikros Microflow liquid chromatography mass spectrometry system covering the complete range from microflow to semi-microflow.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments have released the MALDI-8020 benchtop MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH